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Our Clients Include
After 15 years in the business, we pride ourselves on the talents that have delivered a long list of satisfied clients over the years.  We believe in dedicating ourselves to each and every job, knowing that hard work and attention to detail are sure to produce a worthwhile end result.  

We thank you for visiting our site and hope that you find the resources you’re looking for.  Should you find the need for our products or services, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Call Us at 502-419-6755
Call Us at 502-419-6755
LED sign,large LED signs,led backlit sign
Led sign and led custom sign
LED sign,backlit led sign
led display,outdoor led signs,custom led signs
logo sign in LED,backlit led
UMC cross & Flame signs,United methodist cross & flames with red and white led lighting
UMC cross & Flame signs,United methodist cross & flames with red and white led lighting
led business sign in brushed aluminum and green LED lighting
Green Led sign for LG&E
led business sign,led business signs,Bilikins logo sign
Led neon signs
Led signage in blue LED lighting,go bilikins
lighted led sign,lighted led in red led sign
led lighted indoorsign with red led lighting
sign,custom sign,desk sign
color changing led sign,led color changing sign in aluminum
Check out our sister Company
for Contemporary Art & Sculptures
Check out our sister Company
for Custom Church Crosses
Ky Derby Festival Main Headquarters, Custom LED logo sign and Ky Derby Festival
 custom metal lettering to spruce up there new main office area
Custom lettering in brushed aluminum
Diamonds Pub and Billards custom LED signs. We did all the outdoor signs
and also covered a 30ft bar and 15ft bar in brushed aluminum as well.
University Of Louisville LED sign we installed in a suite and at Louisville Cardinal Stadium. We have installed over 20 unique sculptures for suites at the stadium.
UofL Cards logo sign with color changing LED lights, these come with a remote and be any single color or a variety of pre programmed buttons.
United Methodist Church custom Cross & Flames logo sign. These UMC Cross & Flame signs we create can be seen from Coast to Coast. We have done over 500 of these in the last 12 years. we are the leader in Cross & flame logo signs
LG&E sign with great background sanding on the Aluminum. This is the 3rd sign they have ordered from us, also LED backlit
The United Methodist Cross & Flame logo signs can be with LED backlighting or without they can be lighted from the ground with landscape lighting
LG&E sign backlit with color changing LED lighting.
Saint Louis Billikens Logo signs. We created these aluminum LED signs for the ST.Louis Billikens Chaifetz Arena. A total of 4 signs installed in the arena.
Saint Louis Billikens Logo signs at Chaifetz Arena St.Louis Missouri.
Saint Louis Billikens Logo signs, He is awesome!!!
Kentuckiana Court reporters custom logo sign in brushed aluminum and LED backlighting.
We have done several locations of signage for the Kentuckiana Court Reporters
Milestone court reporters In Florida custom signs and front desk. a matching set
Milestone Front lobby desk. Huge custom receptionist desk with custom sanding
Custom color changing LED logo sign for a local heating and cooling Company
Outdoor sign with LED lighting